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We understand​ schedules can be busy and hectic, so we are adding this service as a trial to Blossburg residents only and will evaluate the needs in other areas as time goes on.  We will come to your home and provide enrichment and training with your dog or CAT. If you have a puppy, we will take your puppy to downtown Bloss to expose him/her to new people and things to help you with the socialization and desensitization process.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not dog walking or pet sitting services, rather it's to provide enrichment to work around your schedule (whether you are home or at work).  

  • Consult required (free???)

  • Trainer shows up at your house at trainers available time for day(s) specified Tuesday through Friday

  • Trainer will work with your animal for half an hour and leave a note 

  • Dog gets bathroom break upon trainer arrival and prior to leaving

  • Optional follow-up appointment with owner can be scheduled if desired

Puppy 101

Dog Day Enrichment & Training


Puppy Socialization


Daytime Cat Enrichment

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