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  • RSVP is required, as space is limited - Do NOT sign up for a class if you have no intention of showing up.  We limit classes to 8 dogs total, which registration cuts off after. 

  • Schedule subject to change based on interest, registration and weather

  • The following is due at orientation:

    • Proof of vaccinations and county license

    • Any remaining balance

  • You must contact us prior to RSVP if your dog has a bite history or is aggressive

  • Bring any and all working equipment you use for your dog - collar(s)/harness/4' or 6' leash/20' long line/brush (NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES, unless otherwise stated, AND NO CHAIN LEASHES)

  • Tags - identification/rabies/license

  • Please train with safety in mind - gloves if your dog pulls/sneakers (no open toes or heels)/treat pouch

  • Soft and easy to swallow treats (pea sized, or cut in strips if using lures).  Make sure the treats are HIGH in value for your dog - cheese and hot dogs seem to work well with most dogs

  • Toys that your dog loves to tug and play with

  • Do not bring your dog to class on a full stomach of food or water.  Please refrain from letting your dog tank up on lots of water before, during and after class to prevent bloat.  Small portions may be given during these times 

  • DO NOT let your dog interact with other dogs.  Keep at least a 3' distance between you and other dogs, and PLEASE hold the leash close to the dog, keeping your elbows in so if your dog lunges, your dog won't be at the end of a 6' leash and next to another dog.

  • Children 10 years and under must be accompanied by another adult.  Bring two leashes if you plan on having your child work with the dog in class

  • You have read, understand, and agree to our Training Agreement and Waiver of Liability


  • Please bring poop bags and clean up after your dog!

  • Due to liability reasons on the parks behalf, concerns were expressed about children running across the street to pet dogs.  While we want your dog to be socialized with people, please refrain from having your dog interact with other dogs, strangers AND children before, during and after class

  • We meet at the entrance of the park - between the skate park and stop sign.  Please let me know if you need directions emailed to you

Please do NOT bring your sick dog to class


  • Please continue following state/local mandated guidelines during training.  

  • Since we will be training outside, masks are not required (especially with the heat).  We encourage you to bring them and have them on hand in case I need to handle your dog.

  • We will put more distance between dogs during classes.

  • We will not be making physical contact for the handshake portions during our CGC practice and testing.  It will be an "air" hand shake.

  • Please refrain from petting/touching dogs that are not your responsibility.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.

  • If you or anyone in your household is sick, please contact me and do NOT show up for class.  We can schedule a Google Meeting for your make-up session.

  • If you have been travelling, please keep in mind that not everyone has a healthy immune system.  I recommend you to wait 14 days upon your return to resume class in person.  A Google Meeting can be scheduled for your make-up sessions.


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All dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather and lack of registration

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