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Let the Fall Festivities Begin!

Join us for Fall Fest in Blossburg on Sunday, October 15th from 12:00 to 4:00pm. We are still sorting out our plans, but we sure do have some! Not only do you get to meet your trainer, you can see Pikey in action with demos throughout the day. If you bring your dog, we will have treats available, and we will assist you and your dog in learning some new things! There will be one free private lesson drawing at the end of the event (your dog doesn't have to be present in order to win).* I will have some other offerings as well, you will just need to show up so you know what they are! We hope you can make it, and look forward to seeing you there!

*free private lesson giveaway expires on November 15th, 2017. Location will be held at Island Park in Blossburg, PA.


Where has this year gone!? Is it that time flies when you are having fun, or you lose time the older you get? Not sure which holds more true. It's obviously been a long while since the last blog post. So, what have I been doing? Good question! This year has been busy for us! I went to a seminar in May, and have been taking courses to further advance my knowledge and skills. I am once again trained in pet first aid and CPR. I have been planning and formatting new course offerings, and created a short one time, one hour class called Dog Nips that's tailored to address specific behavior issues! I restructured my class outlines on the website, and continue to come up with new ideas for the future. What about you? Did you take your dog(s) on any adventures? Or, did your dog(s) take you on any adventures? What was your most memorable moment with your dog so far this year? Did you take your dog swimming, camping, hiking, or begin to do more training? What lessons did your dog teach you? I never though about it before, but our dogs do teach us. I heard a phrase last week, in relation to you and your dog. 'Are you the shaper, or the shapee?' What does that mean!? Well, when your dog barks, or paws at you for attention, and you give the dog attention, your dog is the shaper, you are the shapee. When your dog brings you the empty food dish, so you feed your dog even though it is not feeding time, your dog is the shaper, you are the shapee. In a round about way, our dogs train us, if we don't pay attention. I want you to do an experiment, and start paying attention to these behaviors your dog does, and think about how you react. What I have learned the most from my dog this year, is to have fun. There is nothing more embarrassing than to have your dog shaking a cone, and running around with this cone in her mouth; when all you wanted her to do is run around the cone, as you are trying to teach her directionals. It was in that moment, that I realized even more that she is just a dog, and all I could do is laugh at her antics. While I don't encourage that behavior, I learned how to refocus her before she got into that play mode, by bringing out her toy and using that as a reward, instead of her rewarding herself by playing with the cone first.


Due to holding classes outside, we will not be offering any more group classes until Spring of 2018.

New Class offerings beginning Spring of 2018 means we will have a busy winter organizing and creating these courses, so you have more options. 6-week classes will include:

  • Intermediate

  • Therapy

  • Flight or Fight

  • Nosework

  • Tricks

  • Agility

  • Rally-O

Dog Nips classes will include:

  • Puppy 101

  • Leash Manners

  • Come Here means COME HERE (recall)

  • Heeling

  • Shaping

  • Rear end Awareness

  • Jumping

  • Noise Sensitivity

  • Impulse Control

  • Small Dog Woes

  • Engagement / Focus

  • Retrieve

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of these classes! Dates and times will be announced on our monthly blog, website, and Facebook page. You are welcome to sign up to our mailing list, so you don't miss out!

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