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Sports for Fun:

Please inform me if you are planning on competing with your dog upon sign-up!  Otherwise, these classes are being held for fun, which provides your dog with extra mental stimulation, and strengthens your bond.  You can sign up for the 4-weeks, or drop in as you would like.  If you use a clicker already, we also welcome the use of clickers.

Regardless of age or breed, we welcome all dogs*

RSVP is required

*All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccines and dewormed.

Please do not bring your dog to class sick.

*Please contact us prior to signing up for a class if your dog has a bite history or displays aggressive behavior.


Tentative Start Dates: TBA

AKC has added tricks to be a title for your dog.  There are 4 levels of trick dog titles that you can earn!  .

While we will do our best to provide props - If you have a particular trick your dog already does, or you want to learn, please bring the appropriate prop(s) to class with you, or contact us to find out if we have have what you need.


Level 1 through 3 will be offered as a 4-week course.  Level 4 will be offered as a 'Dog Nips' Course for a one class performance hour for $10.00, since the TKP (Trick Dog Performer title) has to be done in a routine, with a video needing to be submitted to the AKC for evaluation.  

Titles and descriptions as described by the AKC:

  1. Novice (TKN) - If your dog does not have a CGC Certificate, then you will need to perform 10 tricks from the novice list.  If your dog does have a CGC Certificate, then you will only need to perform 5 tricks from the novice list, as the CGC counts as 5.​​​  

  2. Intermediate (TKI) - Your dog must have the novice title, plus perform 10 Intermediate tricks.

  3. Advanced (TKA) - Your dog must have the Intermediate title, plus perform 5 Advanced tricks.

  4. Performer (TKP) - Handlers must perform a short routine, with 10 of the tricks learned in the previous classes.

Prerequisite:  none

Crate required:  no

$40 / 4-week sign up $12 / Drop in


Tentative Start Dates: TBA

Dogs gather information from their nose, which tells them lots of information.  Letting dogs sniff is actually mental stimulation and good for dogs.  Because of this, I am developing courses that will allow you to choose the source you want your dog to sniff out.  You are welcome to use oils, or you can choose deer sheds.


This course will be beneficial to all dogs - whether they have had obedience training or not.  Due to the mental stimulation, we welcome fearful dogs, that will respond to treats, to build their confidence.


You are welcome to source your own kits, or I can order one for you.  You will need to notify me if you want me to source a kit for you.  Please note, prices do not include shipping costs. 


Add $25.00 + s&h for an oil kit, which includes one scent

Add $25.00 + s&h for a deer shed kit

Prerequisite:  none

Crate required:  yes

Reliable off leash recall required: yes

$40 / 4-week sign up $12 / Drop in

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